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The publisher is Independent Factfinders, a UK non profit corporation. It is a company limited by guarantee with no shareholders.

Independent Factfinders also publish www.photographers-resource.co.uk

www.Magazine4U.co.uk can also be reached by entering:-

  • www.Weekly-magazine.co.uk

  • www.Monthly-magazine.co.uk

  • www.Monthlymagazine.co.uk

The club 'Writers Club International'  is run by New Atlantis, another UK non profit company, also a  company limited by guarantee with no shareholders.

Club administration is administered by Maximum Coverage Ltd  a UK company that has specialised in providing low cost admin services to UK non profit organisations so that they don't need to have their own staff and offices.  New Atlantis was established in 1996 and has run very many clubs, and Writers Club International was set by them in 1997.

The easiest way to contact us, should you need to before the new magazine launches, is to go to www.photographers-resource.co.uk and use the Contact Us button.