The new Free wide coverage magazine.

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This magazine is to be created my the members of a club, led by two prolific professional writers who have written books, booklets, had hundreds of pages printed in magazines, published online and also been involved in publishing both in print and on the internet. They bring with them both a lot of experience and  lot of material that they will be reformatting, updating and adding as articles. In addition they have existing quality material available from other writers. Once up and running the club that runs alongside the magazine will be the driving force for new material, and there is few restrictions on what can be included, so the drive will be on to recruit as many people who have as diverse an interest and experience as possible and wish to write.

Currently guides to thousands of places you can go out for a day, a lot of information of Britain's Heritage, wildlife, walks, coastline, family history and much more is available. Work has started on food and wine articles, a lot of articles on art, including a full online art gallery, with many hundreds of art works. In addition we have a range of fiction, including several books, a large collection of classic book texts that will be converted to free e-books.

As the membership of the club increases we will be looking out for people with these interests and all others, so we can expect to see sport, fashion, makeup, music, films, holidays, finance and more featured.

A lot of the articles and other material will be illustrated, and even period texts that are converted to e-books we intend to set up scenes with actors and models to photograph allowing us to add quality illustrations.

There are few limits to what we can do, we are not limited like a printed magazine in terms off space, so can add as much as we wish, and with no printing costs make it all free to everyone.

We do have a few restrictions though, we have to keep within the law, and we are not going to include pornography, however art nudes and the like will be included, as well as photos to illustrate stories or articles on relationships,  although links will have a warning tag on them just so you don't get a shock.