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You don't have to join the club or even register to read the magazine and with the exception of the small members section everything is freely available to everyone.

The club is for those who want to be more involved, most will be writers, but some may be illustrators, photographers, actors, models or some other group who can see that they can become involved.

The club members will have a lot of encouragement and support to create material, for both this magazine but also for freelancing and in the production of books. They can have just about any interest and many will have several.

The club will run competitions for members with exciting and relevant prizes. We hope to see travel writers winning overseas trips and hotel stays to get a chance to do more travel writing, photography competitions that have quality photographic equipment or large cash value vouchers towards getting some, and other relevant prizes, plus many smaller prizes and acknowledgments. The members will vote on the members part of the magazine site, and by this means select the competition winners.

There are a few guidelines to keep us from getting locked up or sued, and there are limits to blatant advertising or indoctrination, but with this exception members can write just about what they like, and we will encourage both a diversity of material and diverse views. Our policy is light touch editing, so we will make a few layout changes, correct obvious spelling or other errors, but not change the substance of the material or chop chunks out.  Just about everything that members write will be published.

When you join, you fill in a very simple form, and a part of this identifies the areas of interest that you have, so we know the travel writers from the poets, and the fiction writers from the food writers, make up artist  rom photographers and .... well you get the idea  You can tick as many classifications as you like, and even make up more.

Everyone is very welcome to join the club, experienced, inexperienced, young, old and even those who don't think they couldn't fit any classification. We plan mentoring and joint projects as well as the scope to work on your own. One thing that you can be assured of is that you will get loads of encouragement.

Writers Club International was set up by and is still a part of the non profit company New Atlantis, that has supported many clubs.