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M4U or Magazine4U.co.uk, is a new full feature illustrated online magazine, with wide interest coverage.

The same publisher has produced www.photographers-resource.co.uk the worlds largest and best online magazine for photographers, with  articles, maps, location guides, diary of events, and everything indexed many ways forming a constantly growing resource. This is now also used by many other to select places to visit, plan days out and more. All hyperlinks are signed with a symbol telling you where it goes, so you have a symbol for an external link, another for an article, another a location guide and so on. Much of what has been successfully achieved in this will be used within the new look M4U. The publisher is 'Independent Factfinders' a UK non profit company.

M4U, is FREE and available to everyone. Those who write and otherwise work on M4U will be members of a club, so its the club members who are the article writers, although a lot of material already exists, written by the founding members. Within the club there will be competitions with good prizes, and a lot of help and encouragement to write.  See The Club

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Our New Magazine

For several years now we have been working towards a completely new and different type of online magazine, and every target to launch it to date, we have missed.

This new magazine, is a library of magazines, so specialist magazines on a range of interests, that all join together and share their valuable resources. So building on what we have done over the 162 editions to date of Photographers Resource, where as well as a magazine, all articles, information, reference and more is all indexed a number of ways, so always available.

Already within Photographers Resource we have doorways for special interests, so the person interested in windmills has their own entry point and section pages, as do lighthouses and a range of others. The new magazine is more than this, and covers so many other areas away from heritage, days out, photography and our ever popular 'what's on' diary.

Just because we like to suffer, we have also been redeveloping and extending a house, which we will move near to in weeks and into in a few months, so we have two house moves in the next 4-6 months.

Our intention is that Photographers Resource will be back up in its new format in January 2018, and the new magazine by March 2018, with sections or specialist magazines then being added regularly.

So exciting times head!