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M4U or Magazine4U.co.uk, is a new full feature illustrated online magazine, with wide interest coverage. The first edition is due out January 2011, and initially after that it will come out monthly. The current plan is to switch to weekly publication as the volume of articles and other items build up.

The same publisher has produced www.photographers-resource.co.uk the worlds largest and best online magazine for photographers, with  articles, maps, location guides, diary of events, and everything indexed many ways forming a constantly growing resource. This is now also used by many other to select places to visit, plan days out and more. All hyperlinks are sighed with a symbol telling you where it goes, so you have a symbol for an external link, another for an article, another a location guide and so on. Much of what has been successfully achieved in this will be used within the new look M4U. The publisher is 'Independent Factfinders' a UK non profit company.

M4U, is FREE and available to everyone. Those who write and otherwise work on M4U will be members of a club, so its the club members who are the article writers, although a lot of material already exist written by the founding members. Within the club there will be competitions with good prizes, and a lot of help and encouragements to write.  See The Club


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The first edition of this magazine is due out at the beginning of January 2011